Sunday, 4 November 2012

Life of a Sinister After Death

                        "Those who delight in sin, destitute of compassion and righteousness, 
     attached to the wicked, averse from the 
     true scriptures and the company of the good, 
self-satisfied, unbending, intoxicated with the pride of
 wealth, having the ungodly 
qualities, lacking the divine attributes, 
bewildered by many thoughts, enveloped in the
 net of delusion,
 reveling in the enjoyments of the
 desire-naturefall into a foul hell."
                                                                                           -The Garuda Purana
-An Account of Life of a Sinister After Death-

In this post I will write about how the miseries of this world accrues to the sinful, then how they having passed through death, meet with torments in hell. Having experienced the outcomes of the good and bad actions he did in his life, he gets the award/punishment of his actions in accordance to his Karma (The Principle of Karma will be explained in detail in my next post.) and former earning, then as a result of the sinful actions of his life, one day finally some disease arises. A powerful death unexpectedly like a serpent approaches him and he, stricken with physical and mental pain, still anxiously hopes to live. He remains like a house dog, eating what is ungraciously placed before him, diseased, with failing digestion, eating little, moving little, with eyes turned up through loss of vitality, with tubes obstructed by phlegm, exhausted by coughing and difficult breathing, with the death rattling in his throat, lying encircled by his sorrowing relatives and when spoken to he does not answer, he being caught in the noose of death. In the last moment, swooning with intense pain he dies amidst his weeping relatives. And at that last moment, a divine vision arises.... all the worlds appear as one and the dying man does not attempt to say anything. Then, at the destruction of the decayed senses and the numbing of the intelligence, the messengers of Yama (The God of Death) come near and life departs. When the breath is leaving its place, the moment of dying seems an age, and pain like the stinging of hundred scorpions is experienced. Now he emits foam, and his mouth becomes filled with saliva, while the soul of the sinful departs from the body out of the lower gateway (i.e. below the waist region of the body). Then seeing the two terrifying messengers of Yama; who are of fierce aspect, bearing nooses and rods, naked with grinding teeth, as black as crows, with hair erect, with ugly faces, with nails like weapons; seeing whom his heart palpitates and he releases excrements. The soul, which is the size of a thumb is dragged out from the body by the servants of Yama and it then looks at its own carcass. Then the servants of Yama put his soul in a body of torment (The soul is immortal and no one can destroy it. It is a part of God itself. And therefore it was there since the beginning of time and will be there for eternity. Soul cannot be cut by a sword, it cannot be drowned in water, it cannot be destroyed by fire and it cannot be buried under the soil. A soul therefore, is beyond the clasp of Time and Sufferance. It cannot feel pain. It is pure. It is not the souls which is sinful but the mind of the body. Soul is always innocent. It is pure. The "Mind" is the reason because of which some people go to hell and some to heaven. The "Mind" of the body always deceives and is responsible for the destruction of oneself, while the "Soul" always try to show the path of liberation and truth. I will, describe this concept in detail but at a later time. However, for the time being just learn that as the soul cannot feel pain of the torments, the servants of Yama therefore put it into another body which is just like a normal human body but invisible to the living. On the other hand, humans, or the living beings more precisely, can feel pain and that too to a great extent (Something that I need not to explain) ) and they bound nooses about his neck and then they forcibly lead him a long way, like the king's officers a convict. While thus leading him the messengers menace him and recount over and over again the awful terrors of the hells. And he is beaten by the servants of Yama with clogs, rods and whipped countless times in the back, the sinful thus remember his misdeeds and cries on his way to the abode (Palace) of Yama. 

Its not possible to write everything on a blog. If you do so you will only make it worse. Simply speaking, no one likes to read, be it big or small. But yeah we read something that fascinate us. I can be anything. However, This was just the starting of his awful journey to hell. And believe me its long... very very very very long. There are so many things to be talked about and yet i managed to bring out a slight essence of this great book, from a small part of this book, out of a long complex concept of the aforementioned case. If you read it in it's entirety you will be enlightened; and i can very well promise that. It's like the journey of a prisoner to the penitentiary, but it is so horrifying and violent that it is beyond imagination for a normal person. The Garuda Purana talks in detail regarding to these punishments and its application on the body of the sinful. For example, one such punishment is the Kumbhipakam, in which a person is roasted in big wok (a round bottom cooking vessel) in hot bubbling oil. Then when the person dies the servants of Yama put his soul inside a mortal body again so that he could be tormented again and again until his bad Karma ceases to exist and after that once again he is born on earth. But now, in a different form, like an animal, insect, bird etc or he can even be a human again if god is pleased from him. One important thing to be noted is that the human life is given only when one passes from 84,00,000 lakh forms of life (like pig, elephant, ant, parrot, dog etc.). Thefore one should not waste this life on materialistic things and one should only focus on god and only him. If you are unsatisfied with this post please let me know. I will explain everything, just need a time to blog it down ! It is a hard work really, to write things in way that people understand it the way I want them to and also there are questions like what things should be left aside for the present and which one I should proceed with. It's a very tedious task. Thanks for reading! My next post will be on "Born in a Human Flesh". Don't miss it.                                                    

Friday, 2 November 2012

Welcome to the Oblivion Ocean


Oblivion is the state when you are unknown of your surroundings, or a matter in general perhaps.
Ocean means the materialistic world that be-fools you all the time and thus keeping you in ignorance.

Hello Reader ! Welcome to my blog "The Oblivion Ocean". To many people it may seem a bizarre name but actually its  provenance is quite convincing. It came after a long hiatus of depressed thoughts and lonesome times. After pondering hard like Tolstoy one day, I finally managed to get a name for my blog, a name that serves the purpose and describes my works and compositions well. However, I do know that Shakespeare would have disagreed with this fact and alleged it as completely useless and a waste of time! But he was wrong some where, and obviously he missed the bigger picture. For example, If he named his play "Macbeth" as "Marigold", would it had served the same purpose then? Will not the difference between the theme of the play and its title will have an overall impact on its popularity and story-line? Okay, leave Shakespeare, I will talk about the bigger issues which revolve around this principle. Religion and The Supreme Entities. You specify your religion.... Which faith do you follow? You are a Hindu or a Christian or a Muslim or a Jew or a Buddhist or a Pagan or of any other faith, the essential point is that you will be recognized with that specific religion, with that particular culture, class or tribe. And in who and what do you believe in? Polytheism?Jesus? Buddha? Allah? Atheism? etc. Without a proper"name" you cannot image any entity of this vast universe or its constituents. Anyways.... let's drop this thing here and proceed further.
                                                          Einstein was wrong when he said that light is the fastest thing in this universe. I would like to point out how the speed of light lags the Great Speed of Thoughts.... 
Think by yourself, It takes about 8.3 minutes approximately for the sunlight to reach the earth. But it takes only a second (or maybe less) for you to imagine that you are standing on the surface of the sun! Extremely hot!!!! So, what I m trying to say is that even great persons can be wrong at times or even you can prove them to be if you delve deeper into the pure sanctum of utmost knowledge. The temple of wisdom is not the biggest Library. Its your mind. The day you change your way of thinking, people will start to notice you and that's what will make you different from the rest of the crowd. Here, in this blog, I will write about life, death and its eternal philosophy. How to overcome fear of death? What happens after death? What is after life? Who is god? Where does he live? Why is he invisible? Is there really a heaven and hell? What happens to a person who goes to hell? What are the sins that can take you to hell? What is heaven? What is this life? If you have any of these questions in mind or even if it interests you then you are welcome to the Oblivion Ocean. I assure you that the day you start reading my posts, is the day you have taken the first step to an eternal life. Good things are worth to be waiting for. Thanks for reading. I will be back soon with my next post with the title "The Life of a Sinister after Death". It describes in detail what happens to a sinful soul after death of the body. Its journey outside the body till the gates of hell and the torments it faces in hell. And many other terrible truths that will haunt you as nightmares for the rest of your life. And keep in mind that ignorance is not bliss, but a tombstone of your own grave. Don't miss it. Its very important. If and only if you want to save yourself from the fire!